BTR Token

Token Listing Information

BitRiver (BTR) token is now listed on Bithumb Global and

Token Launch Summary

Token Issue Volume: 165 million BTR tokens
Token Public Sale Volume 100 million BTR tokens
Token Pre-Sale Start 12 April, 2021
Targeted Re-purchase date 12 April, 2026
Token Nominal Price, USD Equivalent of 0.3504 USD
1 Token unit 1 Wh
Public Sale Issue size 100 million BTR@ USD 0.3504 = USD 35,040,000
Token life span 5 years from launch
Targeted Re-purchase price Equivalent of 0.3504 USD
Website link
Accepted forms of payment USD, USDT, USDC and BTC

Token Description

BitRiver Token (“BTR”) – is an ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The BTR Token enables its purchasers to:

  • start mining operations in one of BitRiver data centers. BitRiver will seek to ensure that it has sufficient electricity power available to those who hold BTR Tokens for a period of three consecutive months. Bitriver will provide electricity power at least equivalent to the nominal value of holder’s BTR tokens to host equipment. For example, if a holder has 100,000 BTR token which equate to 1 watt each, Bitriver will provide up to 100,000 Wh or 100 kWh in one of its mining centre for the best available hosting price to place holder’s new equipment. In order to place equipment in Bitriver centers, the investor should inform BitRiver of the purchase of tokens and the intention to hold them for three months. The investor must also send his/her account statement from the exchange to with contact details. Bitriver’s sales team will contact the investor and conclude hosting agreement with all parameters of mining equipment. Bitriver will have three months to prepare a site for placing the investor's equipment. After three months, the investor will have to send a 3-month report on the status of his/her exchange staking account to Bitriver will calculate the average daily value on the investor's account for the last three months and provide electricity capacity at least equal to this value.
  • get additional tokens every month. The token owner should transfer his/her tokens to the section. Tokens will be staked and locked for trading. The investor will receive the accrual of new tokens on the settlement day to his/her trading account based on the average daily number of tokens held in staking for the past month. An investor can withdraw tokens at any time to another ETH wallet, as well as sell BTR on the market through a selected pair (BTC/USDT/USDC) or pay for Bitriver services. The amount of new tokens will be calculated as 10% per annum. If the holder buys, for example, 120 tokens, he or she will get one additional BTR token in the first month of the program (120*10%/12) and so on.
  • pay for the Bitriver’s collocation service. BTR Tokens can be submitted to BitRiver once a month to pay up to 10% of monthly bill. Bitriver will accept BTR based on the average market price on the exchange for the last settlement month.
  • obtain free of charge repair service of mining equipment that is located in the BitRiver’s mining farm each particular month if the holder pays 10% of this monthly bill by tokens. The repair service will be applicable only for new equipment delivered to our data centre from the factories (not applicable for used equipment in any other mining centre before Bitriver).

BitRiver's Scaling Roadmap

By early 2022, BitRiver plans to scale the total capacity of its datacenters to more than 500 MW. It plans to use only renewable energy that has little to no carbon footprint by building most of this planned capacity in the Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk regions – regions with surplus hydroelectric power.

In November, En+ Group, the world’s leading producer of low carbon aluminium and largest private sector generator of hydropower, announced a partnership with BitRiver to form Bit+, a joint venture for mining cryptocurrencies at low cost with a low carbon footprint.

Ust-Ilimsk Hydroelectric Power Station

Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station

Boguchany Hydroelectric Power Station

Token Buy-Back

It is BitRiver’s intention to buy back all BTRs from the Token holders for nominal value of 0.3504 USD per BTR. Token holders would receive a notification with the repurchase offer and the price two weeks prior to the Token maturity date on 12 April 2026. The announcement will be posted on the company's website The buyback will be carried out within a month from April 12, 2026 to May 12, 2026. New tokens will not be credited to the account of the holders after April 12, 2026. BitRiver will continue to accept tokens to pay for its collocation service up to 10% of the monthly bill for all holders who do not participate in our buyback program.

Token Burn Mechanism: BitRiver will burn 100% of the BTR tokens bought during Buy-back.


Phone: +7 495 150 2880

For further details please read our white paper here.

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The BTR listing announcement on Bithumb Global

The BitRiver (BTR) listing announcement on

Please note that while the BitRiver token is listed with the ticker BTR on Bithumb Global, it is listed as BITRIVER on

Note: Please read carefully the white paper, disclaimer and risk factors section.